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2016 - 4th edition

MONDAY 23 May 2016
08.30 - 09.00Registration + coffee
09.00 - 09.10Welcome remarks by Gert Peersman, Ghent University
Chair: Gert Peersman, Ghent University
09.10 - 10.00Financial Shocks and Inflation Dynamics
Angela Abbate, Deutsche Bundesbank; S. Eickmeier, E. Prieto
10.00 - 10.50The Post-Crisis Slump in the Euro Area and the US: Evidence from an Estimated Three-Region DSGE Model
Robert Kollmann, Université Libre de Bruxelles; B. Pataracchia, R. Raciborski, M. Ratto, W. Roeger, L. Vogel
10.50 - 11.20Coffee break
Chair: Selien De Schryder, Ghent University
11.20 - 12.10The Identification of News and Noise on Demand and Supply
Céline Poilly, University of Lausanne; K. Benhima
12.10 - 13.00Does the Confidence Fairy Exist? Evidence from a New Narrative Dataset on Announcements of Fiscal Austerity Measures
Oana Furtuna, University of Amsterdam; R. Beetsma, M. Giuliodori
13.00 - 15.00Lunch + UGENT macro PhD's poster sessions
Chair: Marco Bernardini, Ghent University
15.00 - 15.50Financial Imbalances, Macroeconomic Vulnerabilities, and Monetary Policy
Michele Modugno, Federal Reserve Board; D. Aikman, A. Lehnert, N. Liang
15.50 - 16.40Risky Mortgages, Bank Leverage and Credit Policy
Francesco Ferrante, Federal Reserve Board
16.40 - 17.10Coffee break
17.10 - 18.00History Dependence in the Housing Market: Facts and Explanations
Philippe Bracke, Bank of England; S. Tenreyro
20.00Conference Dinner (Brasserie HA’, Kouter 29, 9000 Ghent)
TUESDAY 24 May 2016
08.30 – 09.00Coffee
Chair: Marco Bernardini, Ghent University
09.00 - 09.50Cross-Country Co-movement in Long-Term Interest Rates: A DSGE Approach
Konstantinos Theodoridis, Bank of England; M. Chin, T. Filippeli
09.50 - 10.40The Natural vs. Neutral Rate of Interest: Measurement and Policy Implications
Cristina Fuentes-Albero, Federal Reserve Board; H. Chung, M. Paustian, D. Pfajfar
10.40 - 11.00Coffee break
Chair: Gert Peersman, Ghent University
11.00 - 11.50Monetary Policy Through Production Networks: Evidence from the Stock Market
Ali Ozdagli, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; M. Weber
11.50 - 12.40The Financial Stability Dark Side of Monetary Policy
Fabrizio Venditti, Bank of Italy; P. Alessandri, A.M. Conti
12.40 - 14.00Closing lunch
Venue: Room Rector Vermeylen, Het Pand, Onderbergen 1, 9000 Ghent
Organizers: Marco Bernardini, Selien De Schryder, Gert Peersman